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Beautiful home built with healthy materials amidst the tropical beauty of Florida's east coast. Steps to the ocean with Intracoastal Waterway views from the second story. Lushly landscaped pool, outdoor living area, and courtyard. Built to meet the highest standards of green building and the principles of Vedic  Green Architecture for health and well being. This home demonstrates responsible stewardship of the environment from recycling during construction, to energy efficient AAC block wall systems and windows, to energy efficient appliances, to the use of native plants in the landscaping design. Lighting and electrical systems designed in conjunction with Bau-Biologie consultants to reduce EMF. Extensive use of natural materials from marble-limestone exterior stucco to bamboo flooring.

The home has about 3,663 air conditioned square feet of indoor living space and also includes a large outdoor living room overlooking a pool and lushly landscaped courtyard for a total of 4,474 square feet under roof.

This is green and holistic construction integrated with beautiful tropical design to provide living at its best.

What makes your home a Green or Healthy Home?

Healthy features include the following:

1) Energy efficient and eco-friendly AAC wall systems. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks make highly energy efficient, healthy, and breathable wall systems.
2) Unvented attics with foam insulation. This makes the house much tighter and reduces cooling costs by about 15%.
3) MgO wallboard, a natural mineral board alternative to gypsum drywall. MgO wallboard is fire, mold and moisture resistant and is instead of drywall through out the home. A no VOC joint compound was used to mud and tape the seams.
4) Low E impact resistant windows and doors reduce energy costs. The Low E glass helps reduce radiant heat and the UF light that fades fabrics.
5) Energy Star rated KitchenAid and Whirlpool appliances.
6) Native landscaping that is easy to maintain, drought resistant and beautiful. Community irrigation system installed.
7) Wall finishes are a balance of no VOC Mythic paint and American Clay Natural Earth Plasters. Mythic paint exceeds the Green Seal and Master Painters Institute's environmental and durability standards. The "breathability" of American Clay Plaster helps moderate humidity levels, helps cool the home and creates a mold resistant environment - all while bringing the beauty of Old World textures and finishes to the home.
8) Bamboo and tile flooring.
9) Vedic design to promote good health and well being.
10) All electrical wiring is steel jacketed to minimize Electro Magnetic Field (EMF)pollution.
11) Solar water heat.
12) No VOC custom cherry kitchen cabinet doors with no VOC plywood boxes.
13) Whole house water filtration system and a built in whole house vacuum system.
14) Copper-silver ionization system used instead of chlorine for the pool.
15) The attached garage is completely sealed off from the living space and has a power exhaust vent.
16) To further reduce EMF, the entire house has been prewired for internet, TV and telephone connectivity.
17) Low flow Caroma dual flush toilets reduce water useage. All toilets are Comfort Height.
18) Trane XL19 air conditioning units which are extremely energy efficient and quiet. We have appropriately sized them to meet the reduced cooling needs of this highly efficient house.
19) Trane CleanEffects whole house air filters. We are also one of the first builders to use John Manville's EnviroAire formaldehyde-free duct board. This duct board's matting is encased in a thermosetting resin to help insure good indoor air quality. During construction, all duct openings are sealed to prevent construction dust from entering.
20) Fiberglass reinforcing rods were used in the walls and footers to minimize EMF fields.
21) 30" soffits around the house to provide additional shading and to help keep water away from the exterior walls.
22) Designed by Richard Bialosky, AIA, an award winning architect noted for his holistic Vedic Green and healthy home designs.
23) Built by Navo Builders, a licensed general contractor that only builds green and healthy homes. The owners of Navo Builders, David Ederer and Richard Bialosky, are also the developers of Mandala Club. Mandala Club will be a 90 home sustainable community in Vero Beach. Presales for Mandala Club will begin in late 2008. Please visit www.mandalaclub.com for more information.



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