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About Vero Beach

VeroBeach.com is a community guide to Vero Beach, Florida. Discover and explore this gracious seaside hamlet which provides the best of Florida beaches, real estate, hotels, shopping, businesses, restaurants and so much more.

Indian River County Information

General information about Vero Beach and Indian River County

Local Weather Conditions

See Vero Beach's current weather forecast.

Vero Beach Real Estate

For professional representation of your real estate needs in Vero Beach and southern Florida.

Press Journal

A link to Vero Beach's daily newspaper, the Press Journal.

Florida Green Building Coalition

The Florida Green Building Coalition mission is to provide a statewide Green Building program with environmental and economic benefits.

Vedic Architecture Design Consultants

A home can be so much more — it can be a special space that creates an influence of good health, happiness, family harmony and enlightenment. Maharishi Vedic architecture reliably gives our homes these influences by using laws of nature that connect individual intellingence with cosmic intelligence.


Bau-Biologie is German for Building Biology.  

Building Biology approaches fully support and compliment principles of sustainability and use of renewable resources. In fact, Building Biology predates the modern sustainable movement and is fully based upon the same priniciples of stewardship and intelligent use of resources.

Building Green

A source for information on green building technologies, materials and methods.

Congress of New Urbanism

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